Site Announcement Time!

One of the most exciting events of Peace Corps training took place this week – the announcement of my cohorts’ sites for the next two years!  We put on a sorting hat (yes, you read that right), sat in front of the rest of our new friends and teachers, and waited to hear exactly where we will be working and living.

I will be in the Southern region of the country, just barely outside the city of Butare.  My town has so far eluded discovery on any map or by any Google search.  Having not seen any of the country except for a hotel in Kigali and the area of Rwamanaga in which we train, I’m not quite sure what this location means for me – but I can’t wait to find out!

Next week I will head south for a week long site visit; stay tuned for some observations!  And since my last post was missing photographs, here are a few from announcement!

Listening To: I Will Find You, O.A.R.

Word of the Day: Gushobora (To Be Able To)


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