What Am I Really Hoping For?

The countdown is on.  I know, I say that every time I post, but with every passing day my impending departure becomes more and more real.  Not to mention I become better at finding excuses for procrastination.

That being said, what has happened over the last week or so is I have found myself becoming more reflective.  My last months in D.C. and first half of the summer in Colorado were mostly about charging forward, but now I find myself looking more and more behind.  I’m working on a more reflective piece about just WHY I decided to pursue this opportunity with the Peace Corps, but, in the meantime, I have found it impossible to separate my thoughts for that post from the ultimate goals of what I had hoped I would be able to gain from my service when I clicked that ‘submit’ button all those months ago.

This list is ever evolving, and may be something I come back and change later (or simply add to).

So, what am I really hoping to achieve?

  1. Feel like I made a difference with someone
  2. Understand where to go next with my life
  3. Explore, travel, see more
  4. Be happy
  5. Make the people around me happy
  6. Learn – A LOT
  7. Make it through the challenges set in front of me (and be stronger for them)
  8. Communicate with people – more than just language, but actually gain a mutual understanding
  9. Let some of my walls down
  10. Have fun, enjoy myself


What I’m Listening to Now: The Best of What’s Around by Dave Matthews Band

Words/Phrases of the Day: Expectations – something I’m trying to have very little of


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