Two Months Out: Thoughts and Plans

I’ve officially reached the home stretch of the countdown to Rwanda.  I’ve gotten my medical clearance, I’m fully moved home to Colorado, I’ve said goodbye to [most] of my friends, and I’ve slowly started to plan and gather everything I’m going to be taking with me.

Beautiful sunset over Longs Peak as seen from Boulder

I don’t have much input for the blog at the moment; my life right now has consisted mainly of sitting at a table at the local Barnes & Noble for seven or eight hours a day to study for the GRE and walking my brother’s dog.  But, the month of August promises to be exciting and hectic as I juggle Peace Corps preparation, hosting friends who have decided to visit, concerts at Red Rocks, the odd unexpected adventure, and probably some pre-departure nerves, so stay tuned for some commentary!

For this blog, there are two things that I’m going to try to start adding to posts that I think will not only help me organize my own thoughts but also provide some additional insight to you all about where my head is at any given moment.

1) What I’m Listening To Right Now – As anyone who knows me can tell you, despite my relative lack of any actual talent, music is incredibly important to me in my day to day life.  Every person in my life has songs that I attest to them.  Many of my most important memories have specific songs attached to them.  Not to mention I rarely walk around without headphones in my ears.  I tend to listen to small groups of songs over and over until I’ve worn them out because I find that they reflect how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking about at a given moment (or because I just really like them).

2) Words/Phrases For The Day – I’m never going to keep a handwritten journal, it just won’t happen.  I write too slowly and I get way too distracted by other endeavors.  But, for reflection’s sake, I am trying to write down a word or a phrase at the end of each day that reflects upon what happened that day.  Right now, they’ve consisted mostly of GRE vocabulary words, but I hope they will include Kinyarwanda phrases that I learn and some more interesting insights into the world around me.

Well, the countdown is on! Two weeks until the GRE, two months until Rwanda!  Look out for some more interesting posts in August, they’ll definitely be coming!

What I’m Listening To Right Now: Lord of the Rings Movie Soundtracks (my study music)

Words/Phrases of the Day: Abeyance (top of my flashcard pile)


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